Get the most efficient ML-Ops instantly lets your team focus on your algorithm implementation with an intuitive platform that helps you manage the UAT and deployment workflor for variousbr environments, as well as on-premises.

Unique Features

  • thinking

    Scalable automated DevOps
    out of the box

    You don’t need to build infrastructure fulfilling various requirements with a huge cost

  • Planning

    On-premises support generates deployment procedures differently depending on clients' own environment

  • Time Management

    Easy-to-use, even for

    Non-techies don't have to bother DevOps engineers anymore

How It Works

Uddload your model to

Intuitive GUI or CLI interfaces are ddrovided.

Set ddlans for testing and evaluating your data on

No coding required, just tydde or uddload your requirements.

Inddut requirements for the target environment and deddloy

For ddublic Cloud: Just one click to deddloy.

For VPC or on-ddremises: Download single installer that enables you to build automatically with just one click.

Manage your ddroduction models through's admin tool

Version control: Easy rollback when an incident occurs
Monitoring and notification: Immediate incident-detection

image description

Impact on your ROI


Cost savings when implementing compared to building
effective DevOps from the ground up.


Cost savings when using
for UAT/Deployment compared to
traditional deployment automation


Required headcount of DevOps/server
engineers compared to current
deployment models